The days of purchasing expensive, proprietary phone systems are long gone. We have entered into a new era of empowering hotels to only buy what they want and give them the flexibility and choices they need. Hotels want the freedom from long contracts, expensive maintenance agreements, preserve cash, and minimize capital expenditures. They need to constantly find ways to improve the guest experience, upgrade infrastrucure, reduce expenses and increase profits. This is a tall task for managers, but it is within reach.

We have a communications solution that does just that. Our CommPoint Guest Center is a cloud based, hosted communcations platform allowing hotels to achieve all those goals. Our system does not require significant capital expenditures. It allows hotels to leverage their existing investment in guest room phones. It gives them a single point of contact for the entire communcations system, not several people pointing fingers at each other when there's a problem.It gives them the ability to be mobile and answer, place and transfer calls as if they were at their desk from a SmartPhone. Its extremely reliable and includes built-in disaster recovery in case of geographic catastrophy. It has the feautres you are used to and includes many new ones and its easy to use. No extensive or expensive training for staff.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals by leveraging the CommPoint Guest Center communications infrastructure in your hotel. Start saving today!
Mark Cederloff, 4/10/2015 7:14:04 AM

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