Reseller Partner Program

VSR is recruiting established Manufacturers, Interconnects, Solution Providers, VAR's, and Telecom Master Agents with a proven track record for our Reseller Partner Program. We can provide a standard VSR branded product or custom/white labeled product in your companys' name.

Grow your customer base, build new revenue streams, and increase profits by adding VSR’s comprehensive cloud-based Hospitality and Unified Communications solutions to your portfolio. VSR compensation is customized based upon Reseller and VSR's share of customer responsibilities. Certain minimum business and revenue requirements must be met in order to qualify.

If this program best suits your company's goals and objectives, contact us to learn more

Senior Agent Program

Senior Agents have an opportunity to earn a higher compensation earning capacity.They have a "hands-on" role and participate in sales activities and processes.VSR compensation includes both upfront and reoccuring payments. Certain minimum business and revenue requirements must be met in order to qualify.

Referral Agent Program

The VSR Referral Agent Program rewards registered partners and customers for submitting business referrals that become customers of VSR. No minimum revenue is required.

Program Comparison

Reseller Partner Senior Agent Referral Agent
Partner Type Manufacturers, Interconnects, Solution Providers, VAR's and Telecom Master Agents Interconnects, Solution Providers, VAR's,sales representatives and Telecom Master Agents Customers, advocates, sales representatives, and consultants 
Lead generation
Prospect qualification
Close customer
Ongoing sales customer support
Fixed pricing per seat
Minimum monthly quota
Ongoing new customer cultivation (min/month/qtr)
On boarding
Ongoing Tier 1 customer support
Reseller retains customer
Taxes - Collect and pay
VSR or Private/White label
Lead generation
Prospect qualification
Quote prospect
Close customer
Ongoing sales customer support
x% of 1st month revenue
x% fixed monthly for balance of contract
Contract renewal
Ongoing new customer cultivation (min/month/qtr)
Measurable sales metrics
VSR retains Customer
Lead generation
One time sales commission
VSR retains customer
Compensation Retains ownership of customer, sets pricing model and pays VSR fixed rate.  Monthly commission for duration of VSR set pricing agreement.   One-time commission for each qualifying account. 

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