No Cost Cloud-based Hosted Telephone Service to Hurricane Affected Hotels

AUBURN, Calif. September 14, 2018 - VSR Network Technologies, LLC (VSR) today announced the deployment of the Hurricane Florence Disaster Emergency Hotline. “The devastating effects of Hurricane Florence continue to take down resources and severely impact people and life safety in the North and South Carolina regions. VSR is here to help” said Mark Cederloff, VSR’s CEO & President.

“As a Cloud-based hosted telephone/communications provider with over 30 years of experience, we have the advanced technology to mitigate the effects of this and other natural disasters. Our technology will provide a no cost temporary solution to the affected hotels with the ability to answer every call to the hotel, offer up to minute information, updates and impact to the hotel, and provide guest life safety information. We will also redirect callers to reservations centers, other non-impacted hotels, cell, landline or any other US telephone number. Our technology was developed to handle events of large magnitudes and we pride ourselves in true, geo-redundant dependability. We are offering this service to any hotel affected by this hurricane and at no cost to the hotel.”

How we can help?

  We will provide a dedicated customized Cloud Based Hosted Automated Attendant for the hotel to forward calls to

  Every call will be answered in the Cloud

  A Custom announcement will be played. Some options are:
  • Inform caller how the hotel has been impacted by hurricane
  • What you are doing about hurricane impact and the safety of your guests
  • Allow callers to leave a message if they are inquiring about safety/whereabouts of guests which can then be emailed to anyone
  • Route callers to your reservations center, cell phones, alternate property or any other US telephone number
  • Automatic Power Failure roll-over of calls to your reservations center, cell phones, alternate property or any other US telephone number

When we can do it?

  IMMEDIATELY. We understand this is a critical life safety event and we are working 24x7 helping hotels like yours to restore services quickly.

Who can take advantage of this free service?

  Any hotel affected by the hurricane, even if you are not an existing customer

What is the cost to you?

  FREE until normal services can be restored.

Getting started:

  Call us at our dedicated Disaster Emergency Hotline at (910) 240-2560,
  email us at or fax (530) 889-1255

VSR is the Allied Member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association

VSR Network Technologies is committed to service and the ongoing support of our valued Hotel property owners, as Hospitality is our focus and core business.

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